Friday, 11 March 2016

How a Chromebook helps our learning

How a Chromebook enhances our learning

A Chromebook is a piece of technology that will help Reremoana school learn more about the subject that we are learning and there is multiple shops to buy it from like Noel leeming, Jb hi fi , Dick Smith.

Usually Chromebooks are Chrome acer’s but sometimes They come as hp or Toshiba Chromebook but those one’s aren't as cheap as the hp and Toshiba, are usually around 6 or 7 hundred dollar’s  and there is even touch screen but that’s not cheaper than the normal Chromebook.

There is some apps that you can get to help your learning like google drive helps us with writing  and Mathletics helps us with maths  and language nut that helps us with our language and also there is a app, that you have called Chrome web store where you can get some free learning apps like screencastify just don't play bad games.Arcade Games, Video Games

In the end Chromebooks are just an amazing thing that you can buy from shops it may be expensive but don't you want us to learn it would really help us with all our learning plus they sell the normal one for only $439 dollars.

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  1. I like how you put photos that attract people to read your writing I like how it make sense and how you explained more about the topic