Monday, 7 March 2016

How The Digestive System Works.

The digestive system is the process of how food goes through your body. This system is very important to us because it breaks down our food,  keeps the nutrients from the food we eat and sends it all to our body.

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This system starts with the mouth. The job of the mouth is to chew the food before it enters the esophagus. This makes it easier for the food to  flow through and prevents it from being stuck.
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Next is the esophagus. The esophagus is a tube linked from the mouth to the stomach. There is also a sphincter, which is a muscle around the stomach entrance. The job of the sphincter is to allow food to enter the stomach area, which brings us on to the next step.
After coming from the esophagus, the food goes to the stomach and stores itself there. Then it mixes around with the juices and as time goes by, the food and juices starts to disappear. 
After it empties, the attention moves on to the small intestine. The small
intestines jobs is to take in all the nutrients, so that the blood can absorb it.
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Then as the blood flows through the body, it sends the nutrients to every part, keeping it healthy. 
The last function is the large intestines. The large intestine is where all the waste gets stored. It stays there for a bit and then mingles around. Next, the waste absorbs all the nutrients that is left from the previous steps and turns itself to a stool. The stool can only be removed by doing bowel movements.

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The digestive system is a very important and special system to our body. It helps send all the nutrients to every organ and body part, it breaks down our food and keeps the healthy items. The digestive system is a fun topic to learn about, so why don’t you start researching now.


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