Wednesday, 11 May 2016

How Does My Chrome Book enhance my learning?

Why we should have Chromebooks at school?
What is a Chrome Book?
A Chrome Book Is a neat tool that can help you with your Learning.
You can purchase this item at these listed stores
JB HI fi, Harvey Norman, Noel leeming and Dick smith they look like this
Image result for chromebook image acerThere are two kinds of regular Chromebooks these are the black ones the black ones are the same as the white ones that I will talk about now. Black Chromebooks are a normal Awesome Chromebook but if you want the white one

Image result for chromebook image acer white

it’s way Better.! White Chrome books are touch screen, and it's much easier for your child's learning because it's like a tablet or a I pad and much easier to control. The only down side to the white touch screen is, that if you drop it on to the floor or on a hard surface and the screen cracks your touch screen is a bit faulty until you get it fixed. Any way A Chromebook is a great tool to use in your School there are great learning sites to be used on this item one of them is mathletics now I use this tool A LOT I use it 24 7 at school mathletics is a neat learning web site that people can V.S other players it helps there basic fast and also has a thing called SpelloDrome that can help them with their learning that’s only one app out of many!!!, + Kids love to do any thing on a computer, it helps them find out how to do new things on the computer that they would have never even cared about.

Don't play games when your at school at our school we have a cyber safety agreement where it’s a list of the stuff you can do and can’t do on your Chrome book at school if you ever break this agreement you will get your Chrome book taken of you. It's a idea if you are reading this and you are a Teacher/Parent the list looks like this

That's why you should go and get a Chromebook it's good for your learning and they're pretty awesome and safe if used right I think you will love them.


  1. Ben i liked the way you added the links to some shops that sell it and maby dont add the word a lot as capitals just use them for the start of sentences.

  2. I like how you have all the photos in there but it makes sense because they in the areas that you are talking about the idea and the links are very useful to get the audience interested

  3. FB: I love they way how you have put they Reremoana school chromebook agreement on their. It's funny how you have the game with the big red cross on top of the game, so that everybody knows why you shouldn't have games at Reremoana school and why you shouldn't have games or else...
    so that is all the feedback from me