Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How does my Chromebook enhance my learning?

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A Chromebook is a good piece of technology that you can you can use for your learning at school. You can use it for all different subjects Writing, Maths, Reading, Inquiry and lots more. I seem that it is good for me because I  loved to use the school computer and to have my own to do all my work on just feels so good.

A Chromebook is so helpful for my learning we use a learning tool called Google drive where you can make lots of different thing to help your learning we get our homework on this tool because our teacher makes a Google doc then sends it to the whole class.It helps my learning heaps because I can do all my learning goals on the one thing and it is so easy to do, we use many different tools for our learning on the chrome

If you are bringing a Chromebook to school you will need to charge it before school because you are not aloud to bring your charger to school.You should not be going on rude websites when you are not supposed to but if it is a good learning website but it just has a bad add on it it will help if you get a extension that will blocked out all the rude adds and websites.There is a chrome web store where you can get games. You are not aloud to download games without asking the teacher but the game has to be involved with learning some how.

If you have bought the Chromebook from a store it will obviously be your so you can use it in your own time but the same rule apply. You don’t download games just because your teacher does not know or don’t go on rude websites just because your teacher can’t see you use the chrome book at home like you use it at school.Having a Chromebook is a learning tool but the Chromebook is only a choice if you are faster on pen and paper then use that but it is much easier to use a Chromebook. It is your choice in learning.

Now you know what a Chromebook is and what you can use, you can get your own Chromebook from Noel Leeming, Dick Smith and Jb Hi Fi. They are pretty expensive but it will be worth it like I said if you are a fast typer you will have a good experiment working on a Chromebook at school instead of pen and paper.

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