Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How dose a chromebook enhance my learning

How does a chromebook enhance my learning?

A chromebook is a laptop from a brand named acer, it’s like a laptop but completely different. As soon as you open up the computer it will ask you to log into your very own google account that has been set up for by your teacher.
Then you log in and start to set up your acer. A chromebook is all about learning in Reremoana school there should be no apps or games on your chromebook at our school, once you have your chromebook at school you can start to do the task’s that the teacher has set up for you and your class, A chromebook is a computer that you can have to teach other people how to use, It is a learning tool at Reremoana school and not a games computer.

Here is a acer touchscreen chromebook↓

Is good to have a chromebook because you don't have to keep using the school chromebooks that you have to keep logging in and logging out of wherever you go outside somewhere, it is good for your learning to because you can save your mathletics passwords and all of that on your computer so you don't forget it.On your chromebook you can have your very own google drive, Email Address,Docs and slides, all of this cool stuff is on your chromebook from acer. It’s good for your learning and your typing, the more you type the faster you get at typing using all of your fingers instead of using one finger at a time and that would get annoying.

On your chromebook you can use a heap of tools, there is a camera and a calculator, drive, docs and other cool stuff to improve your learning, like mathletics helps we, the students with our maths challenging other kids our age around the whole world, there is google drive, Quizlet is a very good website were you can practice your maths, reading and Writing, even spelling to. There are also different types, hp and Samsung as well the hp ones come in different coulers to

Here is the links to these learning websites

Chromebooks are really good for your learning because you can learn how to type faster the more you are on it, you can teach the younger ones how to use a chromebook, and you can actually have a computer to yourself, your very own computer and I think that’s very cool. At Reremoana School it is optinal to have a chromebook or not you can use the school ones that we have or write it in your books, but I prefer a chromebook because it's easier to use for me and my little brother to use.

Now you know why Reremoana uses chromebooks and how it enhances my own learning, I hope you have learned something, Go and buy a chromebook from noel leeming, or Harvey Norman now!.     

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