Monday, 7 March 2016

How an oven works

How an oven works
These days ovens come in two types,electric ovens and a gas oven.An oven is a fairly simple piece of technology,you set the timer,put your food in ,set the temperature and it cooks,but ovens are more technical when it comes to finding out how they actually operate.

Electric Ovens

An electric oven has coiled wires inside,one at the top and one at the bottom which become hot and generate heat inside the oven.A thermostat controls the temperature within the oven at a consistent level.This can be set at as high or as low depending on what is being cooked.Most electric ovens have a clock and the ability to pre-set a cooking time.
Gas ovens.
Gas ovens use flames instead of electric coil wire to generate heat inside the oven.At the bottom of the oven there is a burner that is lit when the temperature knob is turned on.A copper wire inside the oven acts as a temperature gauge and when the required temperature is reached it shuts off the burner.The flame is fueled by gas and is lit when the gas mixes with air.
Although electric and gas ovens are heated differently they both operate in a very similar way. 

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