Tuesday, 8 March 2016

How a rifle works

A rifle is a weapon with a metal tube from which bullets are shot by an explosive force making a loud noise. When the trigger is pulled it makes a spark which ignites the gunpowder which makes the bullet fly out of the gun.

To hold your rifle properly so there is no dangers involved and so you can be accurate. Place the  bottom of the gun on your shoulder and the hand on the right hand side next to the trigger. Use the other hand to hold the bottom of the gun where the back sight is.
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To fire a rifle of cause like all guns apart from pistols you have to load it first so if you don’t know where it is located then i’ll probably look at the instruction or something like that. After you have done that choose a shooting position that you feel comfortable with. After you have found your position you have to hold the rifle properly like I told you in paragraph 1. Make sure the safety is turned off then it is time to aim Look into the front sight and then the back sight. and make sure that the front sight is covering the back sight (these sights are located at the top of your gun.) To fire pull slowly back on the trigger and finally you have shot a gun.

Image result for shooting a gunTo reload a rifle all you have to do is push down the barrel so you see a space where a bullet will go put the part of the bullet where it curves first push up the barrel and you are ready to go. But if the bullet isn’t staying there it probably means that a bullet is already in there.

So now you should know how to shoot a rifle, reload a rifle and hold the rifle properly. If you didn’t then you didn’t read it properly. Hope you enjoyed.Image result for Happy face

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