Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to order a lunch at Reremoana school.

How to order a lunch at Reremoana school

How do you order a lunch at Reremoana school? If you don’t know what a lunch order is. It is a nice warm lunch that is so nice on a winter cold day. It is also very easy to do. If your mum forgot to pack your lunch then just order a lunch.   

When you have the everything you want you put it in the box and the monitor take it to the lunch room. How to order the lunch you get a delicious menu from the office and pick what you want on the menu. Then you get the money that you lunch order adds up to then you put the money in the envelope that you wrote your order on and put it in the box.    

If you like nice healthy sandwiches there are sandwiches but if you like a good pie there is that to also a butter chicken pie or wrap,chicken nugget roll,mac and cheese If you feel like a juicy at morning tea then you can have one you just need to bring the money.   

If you want to have a warm meal then come to Reremoana. If you parents forget your lunch then you can get a lunch. Now that you now how to order a warm lunch maybe you should ask you mum.

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