Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How to order lunch at Reremoana school

A lunch order is where you can order nice and hot food.Also when your mums is so busy that she has to  rush to work because she slept in too long she can just give you at least five dollars or more then that. rather than your mum running late to work she can just give you the money and you can just come to school and order some hot food also it is nice to have a warm lunch because it is really nice eating hot lunch then cold lunch.

If you are ordering a lunch make sure that you come with the money  and a envelope.but if you don’t have a envelope you can come to school and make one and make sure that you have on the envelope what you want to have for lunch also to make sure that you put it inside the yellow lunch order box for the monita to see  that we have orders and that it has to be in the boxes at the right time because if you don’t hand it in the yellow lunch order box the monitor would go and tell the lunch order room that we don’t have any lunch order today so then you can’t have a nice hot lunch order.

If you don’t no what to order you can go to the window where  canteen is and look over on the window it will say what you want  it also will say hot food and cold dessert like a juice or a mossie     

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