Thursday, 3 March 2016

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school

If you're new to Reremoana school a lunch order is food that you can by from the canteen if you don’t have a big lunch or no lunch.A lunch order is really nice for having a warm lunch rather than cold lunch from the fridge the night before.I like to to lunch orders because they also have food there that you do not have on a daily basis.

If you order a lunch order you will see a box in your classroom with your class name on it you will put it in there.Before you even do that you will want to get an envelope or make one then you right what you want on it and write your name and classroom down on the envelope.The money that you will you will you to purchase the order with will be placed inside the envelope that you don’t get things for free so it is

To make it easier you can get a menu for the lunch order it makes it easier because it has everything that you can order you just have to get a form from the office.You have choices of healthy but there can also be thing that are not healthy.You can get food at morning tea but it will not be a full lunch order you can only get little snacks as if a Chicken nuggets.
Since you know how to order a lunch order you should ask your mum or dad if you can have one because it is nice to have a nice warm lunch instead of a cold lunch.Remember if you do want to get one you need to put your name and what you want on it and put your money in the envelope.

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