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American football is a game played with an oval ball. The game is mainly about tackling and scoring touchdowns (like tries but you don’t have to put the ball on the ground.)
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To play American football like all games you need equipment. In american football you need a lot of gear. You need a helmet and mouthguard especially so you don’t get knocked out and lose a couple teeth. You need shoulder, knee, thigh and hip pads so you don’t break any bones when you get smashed by the opposing team. One of the most important things in American football to have is a neck collar so of course your neck doesn’t break if it does then say goodbye to your spine. Of course in all games you need the ball if you want to play.
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The rules of this aggressive game to start off you need to kick it a s far as possible to the other team so they start further back. The player that catches the ball has to run as far as possible without being tackled. When the player is tackled it is called 1st down what you have to do now is get the passer to pass it back to the thrower the person that receives the ball from the thrower has to run as far as possible without being tackled and so on until the attacking team gets tackled on the 5th down. When the attacking team are close to the endzone (the try line) the receivers wants to stay inside the endzone to receive the ball and score a touchdown. A touchdown is worth six points. If you are far away on the 5th tackle you can get your punter to kick the ball in between the field goal. If you get it in you get three points.
You can play this amazing game anywhere outside where there is two field goals and enough players to play. If you don’t meet these requirements then you probably won’t be able to play.
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This amazing game can be played by anyone that isn’t scared of being tackled. I will recommend this game to anyone 12+ not under. Image result for american football field

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