Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to play Checkers
What is checkers? Checkers is a game where there are two people playing and its player V.S player there are some counters in the pack that you bye you can get this game from the Warehouse,Toy World,Kmart and Whitcoulls this game is very fun.

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So how you play. You have to lay the board out like this you can play on white or black but you need to play on the same color you can move the counter only dingle

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But chose what one you want to move because you can't move back!!!
You do everything dingle if they move closer to you like this you can jump them if you get to the other side to the enemy's side you get a king which allows you to move back this is good for attacking Image result for jumping someone in checkers

It becomes a king kings can move either forward or back but you can still only do one move if you are a king or a pawn. Also most of the time this game comes with chess and droughts so you can play both game. I think this game is great for people that like learning and love chess.

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