Thursday, 17 March 2016

how to play monopoly

How to play Monopoly
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Monopoly is a fun and exciting board game for rainy or sunny days and it’s for anyone over 5 years old there is plenty of shops to buy it from like the warehouse,whitcoulls,toyworld and Kmart.

They have many different types of monopoly like empire,zelda,star wars,frozen for the girls and there is always the classic monopoly.

They usually cost around $40 for the classic version.This is a picture of the real game.The board cover of the

At the start of the game you get 2x500,2x100,2x50,6x20,5x10,5x5,5x1 dollars
These are the rules Each player rolls the dice to see who goes first
Then the person that got the lowest is the banker
After that the first person rolls two dice then he moves eg 2 squares if he lands on a chance card or comunity chest you have  to pick a card and if it says go to jail you miss a turn till you get a double
it is a endless game.
In the end monopoly is a great game for anyone over 5 years old  and now go play

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