Sunday, 20 March 2016

How to play monopoly!!


Monopoly is a fun board game for the whole family to play (ages 6+ 0nly),
You can play it for family fun night or just for fun, Sometimes I play it for fun with my family. As you all might know we are playing monopoly, because when you play monopoly you can rent houses buy cars get put in jail, and even buying houses, with the money that you win.

How to play and what you need.
It is quite easy to actually play, but first all you need to know first is the rules. 1 if you have landed on jail you go to jail (I will explain this later on in the story what jail is), or if you land on vist jail you don’t go to jail you just vist someone in jail. Once you have landed on something like a question mark that looks like this and they might be different colors two. Once you know the rules you can play the game, here are the rest of the rules here How to play monopoly the 2016 version.

What is jail?

Jail is like a thing in monopoly that, means that you skip a turn and the other person gets to take 2 turns and you have to wait until they have finished their 2 turns until you can come out of jail.In jail all you got to do is wait their until your other player behind you has 2 more turns, because he/she has taken your 1 turn. Even though you land on visit jail you still don't go to jail for a long time you just visit and nobody takes your turn until you actually land on the GO TO JAIL.

What is a banker?

A banker is a person a boy, girl, man or women, can be a banker that gives the players money from the bank because, they have other wise landed on the bank, or they pick up a card, or maybe they want to rent a house or a car or a dog you can rent almost anything. A banker keeps all of the money until somebody wants some money or they grabbed a card that said to collect some money from the bank. Or they can get some money to rent or buy.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this piece Jessika. Although I'm not 100% sure that you could describe playing Monopoly as "fun" in my family. It's very competitive and there are a lot of disputes. I like being the Banker and pretending all the money is real.