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How to play squash!

How to play squash!

Squash is a sport in which two players hit a ball with a racket on a squash court, the aim of the game is to beat the other player by hitting the front wall and making the ball bounce twice on the floor before they can hit their turn.

The squash racket is similar to a tennis racket, but It’s Lighter and smaller. The ball is made of rubber and it’s hollow balls are marked with different coloured dots, they are made to bounce at different speed depending on what colour the dots are.

Squash games are played to at least 11 points, and the winning player must win by two points. Matchers are won by the first player to win three games (best of Five games). A point is scored when a player hits a shot which strikes the front wall, then bounces twice before that player's opponent hits it to the front wall.  A point is scored when a player hits the ball to high, or too low on the front wall when it hits the tin.
Squash was invented in harrow school around 1830,when the pupils discovered that a punctured rackets ball, which “squashed” on impacted with the wall.

Squash is basically a game which includes rackets,balls and a squash court with four sides, and was invented in 1830’s.

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