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How to SkyDive

How to Skydive
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Skydiving is a sport where you jump from a plane and fall though the sky up to 120 miles per hour with nothing to slow you down but a parachute.

Image result for skydiving gearBefore you skydive you need to think about what gear you will too stay protected while jumping. One of the most essential piece of equipment you will need is a Parachute. The parachute is made of strong silk or nylon which makes the parachute perfect for floating and also slowing your fall. When you are ready you can pull the parachute chord and the parachute will deploy and slow your fall greatly and stop you from hitting the ground. You will also need a jumpsuit and protective gear like a helmet and padding. The Jumpsuit will help you tremendously in the jump because it protects you from the elements and mostly it protects you from the tremendous air pressure that would tear normal cloths off your skin. The helmet and padding helps you protect yourself from falling or rising debere.

Image result for skydivingThere are several things you need to do and know before you take your first proper jump. Before you jump you need to know how to jump properly and also how to exit the plane and final land yourself safely on the ground. Before you get in the plane you need to know how to jump and what will happen when you're up their. If you are a first timer when you jump you will have to take a tandem jump, When you tandem jump you will be connected by hip to your instructor and when you jump the instructor will be in charge of the parachute and he will also control the landing all you have to do is enjoy the ride and try and help the instructor when he needs it. Tandeming is only one way of jumping but it is the most efficient way to jump for a new comer. When you are jumping the best way to fly or glide is my by keeping  your body straight and when you want to move you have to kick your legs or position your body so you can speed down through the air. When you are ready to land and you are nearer to the ground you can deploy your parachute and slowly float to the down to the ground. When you touch the ground you should position your legs and body so you don't land on any nerves or soft muscle like your bum or back which would break or fracture when the hit the ground. Try to land on your feet so you can land the way you want to without hurting yourself.

There are lots of fun things you can do will skydiving. You can freestyle which means when you jump you can do flips and other tricks like handshakes and several different kinds of tricks like triple flips and also double flips. This are some of the less amazing or dangerous tricks . The army does some cool tricks to tandeming with dogs and they also jump with flags of their country in there legs. There are lots of cool tricks you can do when you are skydiving.     
Skydiving is a really cool sport that you can be part of which will change your whole perspective on flying. I hope that one day I can jump from a plane and feel free like a bird and I hope one day I will have the skill to do tricks.

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