Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to order lunch at Reremoana school

                                 How to order lunch in Reremoana

If you're new to Reremoana school you will need to learn how to order a nice and warm lunch order or at morning tea run to the canteen and order something like a juicy.

To properly order you lunch you go to your class and find the yellow box once you find the yellow box put your lunch order in the box the the lunch monitor take’s the yellow box to the canteen to get it cooked then at lunch the monitor will pick the yellow box up and carry it to class so you can eat your lunch.

There is a nice menu you can order from like jucy’s and brownie bites for morning tea and for lunch there is pie and garlic bread.

Just remember to bring your money and that the food will be hot now that you now you should go order.
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