Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My weekend

On friday the 19th of feburary me and Carys  went to Whangamata for the weekend. My mum said I could take a friend because I haven’t taken one in a while. Going down to Whangamata in the weekend was really fun, because the weather was good, and the waves are big this time of the year.

Me and Carys wanted to stay down at the beach all day swimming. We went down to the beach in the morning, because that is often when the best waves are happening. The waves weren’t good in the morning, so we decided to go to the wharf for a few hours. The water was really warm there, so we swam out to a pontoon and jumped off that.
After about an hour, Carys and I was a bit board of swim and jumping off the pontoon,
so we went to the wharf and jumped off the lower wharf to start with ,because it wasour first time jumping off the wharf down here. After jumping off the lower one, a few times, we decided to Jump off the higher one.  It was really fun jumping off both of the wharf's because I love the water and jumping off things high and low.

After being on the wharf and by the pontoon for a few hours, my mum called us, out of the water to go back to our batch where were staying. When me and Carys got back from the beach, we wanted to see if the waves back down at the main beach, to see if the waves had improved from this morning. From this morning to now the waves had gotten 100 times better, in fact they had become real dumpers. They were really good
for boogie boarding and surfing. As soon as we saw the waves, we ran straight towards the sea because they were so good we just wanted to get in and just start catching them. When I cont my first wave of the day, it was a real dump one and I ended up face planting which was funny. Carys cont her first wave of the day, but she had a smooth wave.

On our last night we went for a bbq at our friends house who had kids, who happens to be there at the same time as us. It was a fun night. From when we got there, too when we left, we were playing all sorts of games until it was dark, we decided to play spotlit because it’s a fun game to play.

On our last morning in Whangamata me and Carys wanted to go back down to the wharf before we left. This time we only stayed in for a little bit, because we had to hit the road before the afternoon. The water was warm again, but there was a current going at the time so it was hard to swim. Swimming to the pontoon was hard, but once you
were actually on the pontoon and jumping off it, it was fun. We had been jumping of the pontoon for a while now, so we decided to head over to the wharf and jump off that before it was time to go. This time we didn’t really have a lot of time to jump off the wharf, because we spent most of the time on the pontoon.

Overall it was a good weekend, because we were down at the most of the time, it was hot and we had fun.

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