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The Flash

25/02/ 2016
For my  Free-writing I chose to write about THE FLASH / BARRY ALLEN ,because he is a Genius , he has a very interesting backstory and he is 1 of my favorite DC comic Hero's.

My other favorite DC heroes are...
  • Green Arrow/Oliver Queen
  • Super Girl/Kara Zor-El
  • Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
  • Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
Here is Barry Allen's Story

My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive,

When I was 11 my mother was murdered by something..... Impossible, My Father was innocent but the Police convicted him of murdered.
Till this day I have Dedicated my life to finding out WHO killed my Mother.
When my latest Obsession- Star Labs- a Particle Accelerator , caused an Explosion, it created a Freak Storm and I was hit by LIGHTNING.

I awoke from a coma nine months later with the power of super-speed,When I learnt that others who have gained powers use them for evil, now I have dedicated my life to protecting the innocent, while still trying to solve my mother's mystery.
To the outside world I am just a Forensic scientist, but to my friends at Star Labs I am known as
the Flash.

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The other characters are...

Eddie Thawne                    Cisco Ramon
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Detective Joe West        

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Iris West Allen

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In the Flash there were a lot of bad guys
  • Captain Cold
  • Abra Kadabra
  • Golden Glider ( Cold’s little sister)
  • Heat Wave
  • Reverse Flash ( Eobard Thawne )
  • Weather Wizard
  • Trickster ( James  Jesse )

By Kenjiah Weir

I love DC Comics !!!

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