Thursday, 17 March 2016

Why monopoly is cool

Why monopoly is a good board game

Why do we Play Board games? Most people love monopoly and I will tell you why they love it monopoly is a great game to play with family.

It makes you think what to buy and where to buy it because you need to get all of the other peoples money so you need to buy properties to take people's money.

It a great game to play on wet days because it takes a will to finish. It’s a long game but it is worth it. It’s pretty cool to see your family and friend to get frustrated  because you are betting them.

Monopoly is a great game and it is fun to make you think and learn some maths. Its cool to see people get frustrated because your betting you. I think monopoly is a great game to play with family I think you should get it for yourself.  

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