Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Statistical Investigation

My highlights of term 1

My highlights of term 1

In term 1 we have done 100 kilometre club and I'm getting better every time also we have been practising orienteering for a competition and room 7 and 8 have been working on a social studies presentation that we are going to show on Friday and I have been in the writing enhancement group were we are doing explanations I am getting better.

For sports I have been doing softball with ms bailey

How to play a game of hockey

How to play a game of hockey

What is hockey? How do you play hockey and what is the rules of hockey. Hockey is a game where three things are needed, one is a hockey stick, two is a mouth guard and three is a good pair of shoes.

What is hockey?  Hockey is a game of skill and you need to be extremely fit, the ball moves faster than you can move if you are playing you will hear people shouting out STICKS DOWN because the ball move too fast.Image result for field hockey

How do you play hockey? Hockey is a fast moving game where you can hit the ball, push the ball or slap the ball. The positions of hockey you have a goalkeeper, defense, midfield and attackers. There is also ice hockey and field hockey which i am talking about .Image result for field hockey

What are the rules of hockey? If the ball touches your feet then it is a penalty to the other team and if you swing your stick above your shoulders then it is a danger to the other people around you and you might get pulled up on it .

Now you know the rules and how to play and what it is you might want to go and play or even go and sign up to a club.

Stats Test

Monday, 11 April 2016

Callum's Statistical Inquiry


Tornado.Image result for tornado

What is a tornado? A tornado is  a very bad thing it is when heaps of people die A tornado is a thing that going on for  quite a wild but it can still kill you  also it very bad because every year at least  153 people die  a year also tornado can kill people very bad it can  suck stuff up and when it wants to finish it just drops it down everything it take it up a tornado come when it want to come and when it start it goes faster and faster .Image result for tornado

Image result for tornado breaking things

A tornado is a very bad thing if you look at the photo that how it will look like if you have it is very bad because if it sucks up cars and truck and when it drops it and you are underneath you are gone you would be crushed under heavy thing like trucks,bus,cars, and anything heavy also if you are in the car or in anything and you get suck up with it you would problem die straight away .

153 that is how much people die every year  it happen a tornado is a very bad thing when it kills people and you take them back to hospital  the people problem won't be able to do anything but if they are luck  that person might still be alive.

Image result for tornado
Now that you no that tornado are so bad i think you should try to protect yourself because if you don't they you might be dead or you can be alive but some of your body might be sore and that ho it would look if you are in one and don't try to run away because you would still get into big hurts.   


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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why you should learn more then play video games

Why you should learn more then play video games

Image result for ps4
Image result for xbox oneHave you ever thought about why your parents say get of the xbox or get of the ps4 well they say that because you will get square eyes. No they say it because you need sleep and you need! To do your homework. Videos games are fun and all but you need to get your power back  for the next day. Yea games are fun to play and watch youtube videos but learning is good for you because if you want to go to a university you have to work work work in school.

People play on games to much like way too much because they don’t like to do anything   else. Video game get you to play more and more know because I love the xbox one because I play it too much.

Know that you now why learning is better than video games you can go to school feeling good for yourself. You can go on the xbox or ps sometime but not 24/7.

Lewis - Statistical Investigation

Thursday, 7 April 2016

How volcanoes are formed

How volcanoes are formed

Image result for volcano erupting

Have you ever thought how volcanoes how they are formed. What makes them formed and why they are formed.

Volcanoes erupt and lava comes out. Inside the volcano it is over 1200 degrees celsius and that is hot. Rocks fall and melt and create lava. When the volcano erupts the lava follows down the side and it is cold outside of the volcano so the lava goes soled and makes the volcano bigger because it is building the volcano up.Image result for volcano erupting

How the volcano starts is the tectonic plates underneath use they hit and makes a earthquake then the plants push up and create the volcano because this happens every time it does that the
volcano gets bigger and bigger.
       Image result for volcano

Now that you know about volcanoes you can go tell your family and tell them all about what you have learnt.


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How bees make honey?

How bees make honey

How bees make honey!

How bees make honey!

Bees are a small flying insects that collect and gather nectar from blooming flowers to take back to their hive to turn into honey.

For bees to get the sugary juice (nectar) by sucking it in with their tongues. They store the nectar in their honey stomach which is different from their normal food stomach. Then when they have enough they fly back to the hive.
When they get back to the hive they pass the nectar through their mouths to other bees who chew the nectar for half an hour, until it eventually turns into honey.  
After that they put it in honeycomb cells, the honey will probably still be wet so they dry the honey by flapping their wings and to make the honey more sticky. Then when they’re done the close the cells with a wax lid to keep it fresh and clean.
Today, There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world. Bees are pretty intelligent species because they collect the nectar from the blossoming flowers then take it back to the hive to pass it on to other bees to chew, then it eventually turns to honey. After that they store it in honeycomb cells and cover it with wax lids to keep it fresh.

How bees make honey.

How bees make honey

How Honey Is Made By Bees - Lewis

Honey is a Yellow, sweet and or thick liquid, produced by Bees.

What are Bees? Bees are a flying insect that are known for two things. Some people freak out  when a Bee is in close distance because of their sharp poisonous stinger, which they use to inject people if they feel threatened. On the other hand people see them as the brains behind Honey.

Honey is mainly known for being a spread for bread. As time goes by more recipes are invented using Honey. Bees start the process of the making in Spring, when they fly from one flower to another. They inhale the Nectar and Pollen from flowers and store it in their stomach.

Whilst the bee is returning to it’s hive, it mixes the correct proteins.
Once it returns worker Bees chew the nectar/pollen and continue the process until it turns into natural honey.

At this point in time the Honey isn’t as thick as it is when it’s brought from the supermarket because it hasn’t had extra ingredients added to it.

When the bee is satisfied it then places/stores the Honey into a Honeycomb which is created by wax.  When there is no room left in the Honeycomb they then seal the Honeycomb using wax which keeps it clean and ready for the beekeeper to add artificial ingredients.

Did you know that when a Bee stings it soon dies


How Bees Make Honey?

How Bees make honey

Bees are a stinging wing insect that makes honey and honey is a sticky and sweet substance.
Bees make honey  by collecting nectar from flowers and drink up the the nectar, they collect the nectar by placing their tongue into the flower and they suck in the nectar and it goes into their stomach and  the pollen grains goes into their stomach, then the pollen mixes with the sucrose and two other substance to make honey.
The pollen mixes with proteins and enzymes and the pollen in the process gets turned into honey then the bee’s fly back to the hive and they drop the freshly made honey into the beeswax comb, then once the honey is in the comb bees start to fan it so the process of the evaporation doesn’t take so long.

When most of the water has been evaporated from the honeycomb the bees seal it the bee seals the comb with a secretion of liquid from its abdomen, which eventually hardens into beeswax.Then the honey beekeepers collect and produce the honey in factories.

So you now know how honey is made and how bees collect it and produce this delicious substance.

Why I choose sports

Why I choose sports!

Sports are really fun to me and once you have read this explanation it will be fun to you to. Sports are really fun there are all kinds of sports that there are and I’ll tell you some, there is, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis and Athletics.

Sports have a lot of things that you can do their is way too many sports in my count, there is Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby, Orienteering, there is about over 750 sports that are played around our world today or tomorrow or even yesterday. The sports that you can play is some very athletic sports, e.g Athletics is where you have got to run 100 m 200 m or even 1500 m, also in athletics their is shot put, discus and long jump, shot puts look kind of like this (it depends on how much it weighs how old you are), Soccer is another sport that you need to be athletic at, you have to concentrate in this sport, because when the ball gets taken off you, your going  to get it back before the other team scores a goal. There are many many other sports around the world that you can play and if you want to know more here is a website 25 Famous Sports around the WORLD.

You should get involved in sports because, you burn calories like body weight. In rugby your trying to sprint to the end of the rugby field and scoring a try for your team, while chasing after other people trying to score a try, In Hockey your running down the Field chasing the ball with your hockey stick and trying to get a goal, but once everybody gets older they get more advantages in these sports and that's exactly why I chose sports for my thing, As you may or may not see a lot of kids and adults sports have advanced playing as well as non advanced.

At school you have a lot of opportunities, like going off to counties or Auckland, especially when your a year seven like me, I'm in a cricket tournament for counties and nationals at the moment I’m also trialling at school for counties soccer tournament that I may play in, Right now with the cricket were in round 3 so we have one 2 matches, see what i’m talking about, at school you have a lot of opportunities even once you get older you have a heap of opportunities, like being on TV and being famous, like Brendan Mcallum became a famous cricket player for New Zealand, and Ritchie Macaw and Dan Carter, became famous rugby players for New Zealand too.

And now this is your chance to have opportunities to play a lot of sport, and my saying is don't quit stick with it and I do stick with sports , and you should to, So go and try out some sports and actually you should enjoy the sport, only if you play long enough. And that's my explanation.

how an Xbox 360 works

                                             How an Xbox 360 worksXbox 360 E[edit]
An Xbox is a console that allows you to play digital games on the T.V you can buy it at the places Jb hi fi and Xbox | Official Site.

To set up an Xbox you will first need a T.V so you can plug in your Xbox 360 hdmi cable into then you will need to plug the a.v connector then the v.g.a connector after that you will need the composite a.v cable then the most important Xbox hdmi cable.

Once you have it all set up you press the little silver button with the x in it then the first thing you need to do is create a avatar then if you want to buy games off the xbox you will need Xbox live it doesn't cost money but if you want discounts you get xbox live gold that does cost money though but it does depend on how long you want it for .XBOX LIVE GOLD GRATIS 2016
If you have a kinetic game you will need a kinetic sensor the kinetic has different parts there is a color sensor and a ir depth sensor also there is the tilt motor and ir emitter and the last piece is a microphone array.File:Xbox-360-Kinect-

Once  you have it all set-up you can play any game you want but you buy them from jb hi fi,eb games now go play Xbox!


What is minecraft?
Minecraft is a game where you are a steve, in the world (It's your default skin) and you own your world there is different characters on this game to notch is the creator of this game and he’s very famous person. Minecraft is one of the best game in the world  everything is made out of blocks.Image result for notch minecraft

Image result for notch minecraft

This here is notch in real life   [its not his real name]                                                             
                                                                                                  This here is notch in minecraft as
                                                                                            you can see here he changed his skin
You can change your skin from using skindex
This is your default skin you can change it to another skin, this is my skin
Image result for steve minecraft

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Steve skin                My Skin

Also some of the challenges in the game are mob’s Also Known as monsters There are all kind of different mobs but the most common ones are Zombies,skeletons,creepers and spiders .

You can make huge buildings in minecraft such as
This photo of a big huge castle

Image result for minecraft buildings

This one of a city
Image result for minecraft buildings city

Even the eiffel tower Image result for minecraft buildings eiffel tower

Everyone I know has heard or played minecraft  I love the game but careful it’s addicting. I always play it, it’s very fun and that’s only for single player world

Image result for minecraft multiplayer screenYou can play multiplayer to!!!

You can play different games and different servers with different people and if you tell your friend a server that you are playing on they can play with youImage result for minecraft multiplayer playing with another person

Just like this they are friends playing together.

Come on and give it a go minecraft is a very good game you can play together you can build amazing stuff and you own your world.

How bees make honey

Image result for bee collecting pollen
A bee is a flying winged insect that collects nectar from flowers which gets made into honey.

A bee collects nectar by using their long tongues like straws to suck the nectar out of the flowers, they store it in their stomachs and carry it to the beehive. While inside the bee’s stomach for half an hour the nectar gets mixed with all the things inside their belly converting nectar into honey.

When a bee returns to the hive with a full belly of honey it passes the nectar to another bee by passing the liquid into the other bee's mouth. This process is repeated until the partially digested nectar is finally deposited into a honeycomb.

Once in the comb, nectar is still a sticky liquid it is nothing like the thick honey you buy. To get all the extra water out of their honey, bees set to work fanning the honeycomb with their wings in an effort to speed up the process of evaporation.

In the summertime bees work way harder than us they literally work till they die. I think bees are better builders than the us because they make a lot of structures that are very fascinating like a honeycomb.

How Bees Make Honey!

Bees are flying insects who use pollen and nectar to make the gooey and sweet substance we all know as honey. The worker bees work and work for the Alpha, also known as the Queen Bee.

Image result for honeybeeA bee is a stinging winged creature that collects pollen and nectar, bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. They produce wax and honey, they live in large communities, which means that there could be over 1000 bees in a single hive. Bees are known for their role in pollination, in the case of the best recognized bee species, the European Honey Bee would win for producing honey and beeswax. There are many different species of bees, for instance, some bees sting and others don’t. Drones are stout male bees that have no stingers. Drones do not collect food or pollen from flowers, their sole purpose is to mate with the queen. If the colony is short on food, drones get the short end of the stick and are often kicked out of the hive.

Image result for flowerHoneybees start off by flying out of the hive and finding flowers. Once they find a flower, they gather some of it’s Nectar. Many plants use Nectar as a way of encouraging insects, such as bees, to stop at the flower. In the process of gathering nectar, the insect transfers pollen grains from one flower to another and pollinates the flower. Pollen and nectar is used as food for the bees who make the honey. Nectar is stored within their stomachs, it is passed from one worker to the next until the water within in it diminishes. Honeybees have two stomachs, one for eating and the other for carrying honey. At this point, the nectar becomes honey, which workers store in the cells of the honeycomb.

Bees are special animals who give the pleasure to humans by supplying us with the golden goodness we know as honey. They are hard working creatures who really know how to hit the spot with the natural sweetness honey contains.