Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Bees make honey

Bees are a stinging wing insect that makes honey and honey is a sticky and sweet substance.
Bees make honey  by collecting nectar from flowers and drink up the the nectar, they collect the nectar by placing their tongue into the flower and they suck in the nectar and it goes into their stomach and  the pollen grains goes into their stomach, then the pollen mixes with the sucrose and two other substance to make honey.
The pollen mixes with proteins and enzymes and the pollen in the process gets turned into honey then the bee’s fly back to the hive and they drop the freshly made honey into the beeswax comb, then once the honey is in the comb bees start to fan it so the process of the evaporation doesn’t take so long.

When most of the water has been evaporated from the honeycomb the bees seal it the bee seals the comb with a secretion of liquid from its abdomen, which eventually hardens into beeswax.Then the honey beekeepers collect and produce the honey in factories.

So you now know how honey is made and how bees collect it and produce this delicious substance.

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