Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How Honey Is Made By Bees - Lewis

Honey is a Yellow, sweet and or thick liquid, produced by Bees.

What are Bees? Bees are a flying insect that are known for two things. Some people freak out  when a Bee is in close distance because of their sharp poisonous stinger, which they use to inject people if they feel threatened. On the other hand people see them as the brains behind Honey.

Honey is mainly known for being a spread for bread. As time goes by more recipes are invented using Honey. Bees start the process of the making in Spring, when they fly from one flower to another. They inhale the Nectar and Pollen from flowers and store it in their stomach.

Whilst the bee is returning to it’s hive, it mixes the correct proteins.
Once it returns worker Bees chew the nectar/pollen and continue the process until it turns into natural honey.

At this point in time the Honey isn’t as thick as it is when it’s brought from the supermarket because it hasn’t had extra ingredients added to it.

When the bee is satisfied it then places/stores the Honey into a Honeycomb which is created by wax.  When there is no room left in the Honeycomb they then seal the Honeycomb using wax which keeps it clean and ready for the beekeeper to add artificial ingredients.

Did you know that when a Bee stings it soon dies


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