Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How Bees Make Honey.

Bees are a stinging winged insect which is known for making honey. Bees live in hives which they make, with the help of other working bees.

Honey is a thick, golden, sweet and sticky liquid produced by bees. Some people spread on their toast and some people eat it plain.
Bees make honey by visiting flowers. Bees suck out nectar from the blossom of a flower. Bees have a honey stomach which the nectar goes into, bees also have a food stomach which the nectar doesn't go into. When bees have a full load they fly back to their hive and pass it on through their mouths to another bee. Once another bee has got the nectar in their mouths they chew it for half an hour. The nectar will be passed on from bee to bee until it turns into honey. The bees will take the honey and store it in honeycomb cells.
Honeycomb is also known as beeswax. Honeycombs have hundreds of cells in them which are used to raise young bees and to store honey in it. Each piece of the comb is 6 sided, with a 120 degree angle on each side. Once the bees make honey, the honey is then placed in one of the cells and then sealed with wax.

That is how honey is made very simple but a lot of hard work goes in to making honey.

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