Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How to play a game of hockey

How to play a game of hockey

What is hockey? How do you play hockey and what is the rules of hockey. Hockey is a game where three things are needed, one is a hockey stick, two is a mouth guard and three is a good pair of shoes.

What is hockey?  Hockey is a game of skill and you need to be extremely fit, the ball moves faster than you can move if you are playing you will hear people shouting out STICKS DOWN because the ball move too fast.Image result for field hockey

How do you play hockey? Hockey is a fast moving game where you can hit the ball, push the ball or slap the ball. The positions of hockey you have a goalkeeper, defense, midfield and attackers. There is also ice hockey and field hockey which i am talking about .Image result for field hockey

What are the rules of hockey? If the ball touches your feet then it is a penalty to the other team and if you swing your stick above your shoulders then it is a danger to the other people around you and you might get pulled up on it .

Now you know the rules and how to play and what it is you might want to go and play or even go and sign up to a club.

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