Thursday, 7 April 2016

How volcanoes are formed

How volcanoes are formed

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Have you ever thought how volcanoes how they are formed. What makes them formed and why they are formed.

Volcanoes erupt and lava comes out. Inside the volcano it is over 1200 degrees celsius and that is hot. Rocks fall and melt and create lava. When the volcano erupts the lava follows down the side and it is cold outside of the volcano so the lava goes soled and makes the volcano bigger because it is building the volcano up.Image result for volcano erupting

How the volcano starts is the tectonic plates underneath use they hit and makes a earthquake then the plants push up and create the volcano because this happens every time it does that the
volcano gets bigger and bigger.
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Now that you know about volcanoes you can go tell your family and tell them all about what you have learnt.


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