Wednesday, 6 April 2016

how an Xbox 360 works

                                             How an Xbox 360 worksXbox 360 E[edit]
An Xbox is a console that allows you to play digital games on the T.V you can buy it at the places Jb hi fi and Xbox | Official Site.

To set up an Xbox you will first need a T.V so you can plug in your Xbox 360 hdmi cable into then you will need to plug the a.v connector then the v.g.a connector after that you will need the composite a.v cable then the most important Xbox hdmi cable.

Once you have it all set up you press the little silver button with the x in it then the first thing you need to do is create a avatar then if you want to buy games off the xbox you will need Xbox live it doesn't cost money but if you want discounts you get xbox live gold that does cost money though but it does depend on how long you want it for .XBOX LIVE GOLD GRATIS 2016
If you have a kinetic game you will need a kinetic sensor the kinetic has different parts there is a color sensor and a ir depth sensor also there is the tilt motor and ir emitter and the last piece is a microphone array.File:Xbox-360-Kinect-

Once  you have it all set-up you can play any game you want but you buy them from jb hi fi,eb games now go play Xbox!

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