Wednesday, 6 April 2016


What is minecraft?
Minecraft is a game where you are a steve, in the world (It's your default skin) and you own your world there is different characters on this game to notch is the creator of this game and he’s very famous person. Minecraft is one of the best game in the world  everything is made out of blocks.Image result for notch minecraft

Image result for notch minecraft

This here is notch in real life   [its not his real name]                                                             
                                                                                                  This here is notch in minecraft as
                                                                                            you can see here he changed his skin
You can change your skin from using skindex
This is your default skin you can change it to another skin, this is my skin
Image result for steve minecraft

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\                /\/\/\/\/\/\/\
Steve skin                My Skin

Also some of the challenges in the game are mob’s Also Known as monsters There are all kind of different mobs but the most common ones are Zombies,skeletons,creepers and spiders .

You can make huge buildings in minecraft such as
This photo of a big huge castle

Image result for minecraft buildings

This one of a city
Image result for minecraft buildings city

Even the eiffel tower Image result for minecraft buildings eiffel tower

Everyone I know has heard or played minecraft  I love the game but careful it’s addicting. I always play it, it’s very fun and that’s only for single player world

Image result for minecraft multiplayer screenYou can play multiplayer to!!!

You can play different games and different servers with different people and if you tell your friend a server that you are playing on they can play with youImage result for minecraft multiplayer playing with another person

Just like this they are friends playing together.

Come on and give it a go minecraft is a very good game you can play together you can build amazing stuff and you own your world.

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