Monday, 11 April 2016


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What is a tornado? A tornado is  a very bad thing it is when heaps of people die A tornado is a thing that going on for  quite a wild but it can still kill you  also it very bad because every year at least  153 people die  a year also tornado can kill people very bad it can  suck stuff up and when it wants to finish it just drops it down everything it take it up a tornado come when it want to come and when it start it goes faster and faster .Image result for tornado

Image result for tornado breaking things

A tornado is a very bad thing if you look at the photo that how it will look like if you have it is very bad because if it sucks up cars and truck and when it drops it and you are underneath you are gone you would be crushed under heavy thing like trucks,bus,cars, and anything heavy also if you are in the car or in anything and you get suck up with it you would problem die straight away .

153 that is how much people die every year  it happen a tornado is a very bad thing when it kills people and you take them back to hospital  the people problem won't be able to do anything but if they are luck  that person might still be alive.

Image result for tornado
Now that you no that tornado are so bad i think you should try to protect yourself because if you don't they you might be dead or you can be alive but some of your body might be sore and that ho it would look if you are in one and don't try to run away because you would still get into big hurts.   

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