Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Why I choose sports

Why I choose sports!

Sports are really fun to me and once you have read this explanation it will be fun to you to. Sports are really fun there are all kinds of sports that there are and I’ll tell you some, there is, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis and Athletics.

Sports have a lot of things that you can do their is way too many sports in my count, there is Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby, Orienteering, there is about over 750 sports that are played around our world today or tomorrow or even yesterday. The sports that you can play is some very athletic sports, e.g Athletics is where you have got to run 100 m 200 m or even 1500 m, also in athletics their is shot put, discus and long jump, shot puts look kind of like this (it depends on how much it weighs how old you are), Soccer is another sport that you need to be athletic at, you have to concentrate in this sport, because when the ball gets taken off you, your going  to get it back before the other team scores a goal. There are many many other sports around the world that you can play and if you want to know more here is a website 25 Famous Sports around the WORLD.

You should get involved in sports because, you burn calories like body weight. In rugby your trying to sprint to the end of the rugby field and scoring a try for your team, while chasing after other people trying to score a try, In Hockey your running down the Field chasing the ball with your hockey stick and trying to get a goal, but once everybody gets older they get more advantages in these sports and that's exactly why I chose sports for my thing, As you may or may not see a lot of kids and adults sports have advanced playing as well as non advanced.

At school you have a lot of opportunities, like going off to counties or Auckland, especially when your a year seven like me, I'm in a cricket tournament for counties and nationals at the moment I’m also trialling at school for counties soccer tournament that I may play in, Right now with the cricket were in round 3 so we have one 2 matches, see what i’m talking about, at school you have a lot of opportunities even once you get older you have a heap of opportunities, like being on TV and being famous, like Brendan Mcallum became a famous cricket player for New Zealand, and Ritchie Macaw and Dan Carter, became famous rugby players for New Zealand too.

And now this is your chance to have opportunities to play a lot of sport, and my saying is don't quit stick with it and I do stick with sports , and you should to, So go and try out some sports and actually you should enjoy the sport, only if you play long enough. And that's my explanation.

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