Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why you should learn more then play video games

Why you should learn more then play video games

Image result for ps4
Image result for xbox oneHave you ever thought about why your parents say get of the xbox or get of the ps4 well they say that because you will get square eyes. No they say it because you need sleep and you need! To do your homework. Videos games are fun and all but you need to get your power back  for the next day. Yea games are fun to play and watch youtube videos but learning is good for you because if you want to go to a university you have to work work work in school.

People play on games to much like way too much because they don’t like to do anything   else. Video game get you to play more and more know because I love the xbox one because I play it too much.

Know that you now why learning is better than video games you can go to school feeling good for yourself. You can go on the xbox or ps sometime but not 24/7.

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