Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why we should get public courts in wattle downs

          We should get public courts in wattle downs.
“I want to go play basketball on the court's oh I forgot we don't have any”. Wattle downs needs courts for kids and adults to have fun on. We can place this near the park so if you have a little sister or brother and they want to play in the house you can just go to the courts and practice basketball or tennis.
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First and foremost we can have a gate that should close at a certain time so at night no one can play on it or put any graffiti on it also it can have to sides so one side can have the basketball hoops and the other can have a tennis net we can also have a certain age limit so anyone under that age can not get hurt.
Gothic Gate, Fence, Gothic,

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To continue the courts can have a certain type of printing so people know were to roll the tennis net to and a printing for the basketball hoop we can roof this off so if it is raining we can have a little bit of fun  because the playground is to wet to play on we can just walk to the court and have some fun.

Last but not least we can have some lighting so when it starts to get dark we can see and also we can put up a scoreboard so we can tell what the score is while we play the game and the ref of the game you are playing can see when the game ends and we can have a few plugs and some speakers so if you want to listen to some music while you play and the plug to charge up your iphone or tablet while we play so after we can go and play on them.Basketball Scoreboard by

In conclusion think of all the fun kids could have on this and it is really close to some people's houses so they can go there and then head back really easy if it is raining so why not just put a court at the park so we can have some fun or practise basketball or tennis in our on time.

Why we should get a public Rugby Field.

I believe that we should get a Rugby field in wattle down.i think that because it will be really good because if we have one it will be really easier for us kids  so when we need to practise we can just walk down the road instead of asking your parents if they can drop you off always to where you play for but it will be really easy just to walk down the road and go and learn what you need to learn and also when you need to go to practise you don't have to go always to otahuhu where i play and go practise instead of just walking down the road.

Secondly when you need to go train you don't have to go always to where you play and just have a little practise and they just come back home but if we have a rugby field you can just go down with someone and practise down and they walking back ruther than trying to force your parents to go drop you off to your rugby field to train also when you are bored you can ask your friend if he want to come down and play a little game with them also when you want  plan somewhere you can just go down the road and have fun  with each other.

Thirdly it will be a really good place to hang out with your friends also you can do a lots of training  why you are  there also we could make a new rugby team that will be name wattle down team or manurewa team so that i could play for it ruther than me going away to otahuhu and play for that team also it will be a really good place for a rugby field because.

And now you know about it we should ask the government if we could have a public rugby field because it will be really good if we could have a rugby field i know that it will cost heaps but if we get to have a new public rugby fields also it will be worth the money and that is why i think we need a public rugby field and i hope that this story will convince you that we need a public rugby field.  

Why we she get a hockey turf for locials

Why we should get a hockey Turf for locials  

I believe that we SHOULD HAVE a hockey turf in Wattle Downs. I think that because at Reremoana School there are about 30 or more kids playing hockey. Maybe there are other people in Wattle Downs who want to play some hockey too.

There are many great things about hockey turfs.
Firstly It's good for your sticks when you play on a turf because if you play or practice on the concrete your stick will get beaten up (munted). Secondly if you play or practice on turf and you full over. You can get back up with some grazes but if you were on concrete you would maybe get  back up but maybe not. Thirdly when you hit the ball on the turf it would go much faster than on concrete.

Image result for hockey sticksIf we had built a hockey turf in Wattle Downs it would cost a lot but worth it. Hockey turfs are really really massive. It seems like there wouldn’t be space in Wattle Downs but there IS where the geese cross. If people had a public hockey turf people would be so happy because there are no hockey turfs in Wattle Downs. People can just go to the public turfs in stead of going to the school.

Image result for money
Now that there is a hockey turf in Wattle Downs you can go to the turf and play hockey for as long as you want. It would be a great family bonding exercise. That why we need a hockey turf at school.   
We should get public courts in wattle downs

We should get public courts because it will be good to have people using them because they are not allowed to use they schools unless the school is open. people could also get their friend and go play some basketball netball or even tennis instead of staying at home being bored not allowed to play with your friends. It can be used for team trainings outside of school so you can get more practice at that sport because more practice is never bad never not fun with friends.PicMonkey Collage.jpg

If you do practice at the courts it will be good because you aren't just waiting for their school or team practice you using your own time to create more skill for yourself. When you're playing with your friend your not just playing you are learning more skill and getting lots of fitness from the running and it is good because you have a opponent to practice on instead of not having a challenge. Instead of having your team training so far away from where you live you can organize to have some trainings there so everyone there on ku basketball practice facility_090_t960.jpg

In these public courts it can be used for lots of different reasons of game sports training … and this way people don’t just have to be playing something they can even just go to through the ball around or something. If you're getting bored around the house you can come to the public courts and entertain yourself by playing something and setting yourself a goal before you leave.

So that is why we should get public courts in wattle downs and one more thing it will be open to anyone that wants to go there so even if you don’t live in wattle down you are free to go in. we need to get some public courts so everyone can do what they want to do when they want to do it instead of having a boring weekend at home not aloud to play with your friend.basketballsunset.jpg

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school

What is a lunch order? A lunch order system is what you can use when your parents forget to buy your lunch. You can get hot food and cold food.
The lunch order place is good for after fitness and other things if you are puffed out and if you are hot you can get a juice.
There is an amazing lunch order menu here are some examples of food you can have: pies,water,juice,nachos,donuts and many more things.

To do a lunch order you need to put money in an envelope and write 
Image result for envelopeyour name and class with your order on it. When you get to school you will find a yellow bin in your class. And put your envelope in the bright yellow bin in the classroom. After the roll your teacher will ask the lunch order monitor to take it to the lunch order room were they prepare your lunch                 Image result for pizza
Image result for bottled waterwater

Just before lunch the monitor will go and collect the bright yellow bin with all the  orders in it. Once it gets to your classroom your teacher will hand it out then when you have received your order, Open it to make sure you have what you ordered, If you don't have everything that you ordered you need to go back to the lunch order room and tell them you That There is something missing on my order. Image result for calci yum chocolate milkcalci yum choco milk

That is how you order a lunch order at reremoana school I hope my explanation was good and you will go ahead and buy a lunch order
                            Image result for piespies

Image result for juiciesjuicies



You should have a chromebook because it helps you with your work and it is a faster way than pen and paper.Image result for hp chromebook

First there is not mathletics and prototec on pen and paper so you need a computer or better a chromebook to go on it. It might be expensive but it is worth it because in the Kereru team we use it like almost every minute of the day.

Here are some sites that we use a lot.



So now you know what a chromebook is and how you use it I hop in the future you will buy a chromebook.

how to play twister

How to play twister
Twister is a fun game that you can play with your friends and family.Image result for twister

To play the game you need to spread the mat out and put it on a flat surface.Then once you've done that all players must take take off your shoes and socks because some people play with socks and some people play barefoot. the game can be played inside and outside    

Twister is also fun because you get into awkward position like nose into someone’s but and more awkward positions. You have a lot of fun because you laugh a lot and it is a good way to remember memories like for instance if you best friend is moving away and you won't be able to see him/her.

Twister is played with 2-4 players and it is better than playing a game by yourself. Before you play you need to pick a referee and then you need to get to your sides and then the referee will spin the spinner and it wilImage result for twister spinnerl either land on blue, red, yellow or green left foot,right foot,left hand or right hand then how evers turn it is that person put what the spinner landed on you put it on the mat.

So now that you know how to play twister i hope you will go and buy the game and play it  Image result for twister mat