Thursday, 19 May 2016

Develop our area outside room 7 and 8

Develop our area outside room 7 and 8

I think that room 7 and 8 should have  outside area  that  people could work on and do things for our school think it is really good because if we have one i think it will be really good because having a covered area for room 7 and 8 will be really good because  if it is raining it could be really good if it stop the rain from coming down  so that when people are running a cross they can't  slip because of the covered up area also it will be very nice if we have one because it could be a very nice place to work on.also i think that we should get a cover because the grass always get muddy after it arains and you can’t use it for anything because you could slip over and hurt yourself.

Secondly  It will be really good because people from room 7 and 8 could use it for work or for anything that we do at school like art or other thing because the cover  would block the rain also it will be very nice because also when it raining it won't be muddy like every other days but if we do have a cover for our room it will be really nice also we can eat under when it is raining so that we can use it for both eating and learning. It will be a year 7 & 8 only area so that they take care of the space and their is no food or rubbish left on the ground that is not the year 7 & 8’s.

We should get it because there are seats outside and they get really really wet when it rains and then the next 3 or 2 days people can’t sit outside on the seats . When people react is WHEN IT’S RAINING. They react a lot because it rains a lot I would react the same I know that it would cost heaps and heaps of money but it would be worth it getting a new learning space when it’s raining it won’t get wet and you can sit on the bench and the grass. I would love to have a cover between room 7 and 8. Now i hope we get to have a nice covered area.

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  1. Faronce you have done a good peice of writing and it is good that you have put the pictures were the subject is talking about it