Thursday, 5 May 2016



I couldn’t wait untill going to Dunedin because I really wanted to see my nana and my aunty Bev and my cousins. When we got to the airport at 7:18 pm I was so excited to be there. Me and my family had to wait at the airport for 1h. After an 1h we had to go and check into the plane we were going to fly in. When we were boarding the plane we had to go outside and it was so loud becasue the planes were taking off and the engines were rumbberling.

“We are going to take off so get your seatbelts ready”.  When we took off my ears started to get really really sore. My Dad loves to fly on a airplane because he loves to pop his ears but I hate doing it. When me and my family arrived at Dunedin it was 10:05pm. Then we had to drive 30mins to where we are staying. We were staying at one of my Mum and Dad’s friends Ken and Kerry’s.

Image result for the jungle bookThe next morning we went out for breakfast with my nana for her birthday it was so nice because I had french toast. After breakfast we said our goodbyes to her and we went to see what we could do. We thought that we could go to the cinemas to watch the new movie The Jungle Book. When that movie finished we just headed to ken and kerry's and waited for them becasue ken was coming home early so did kerry. When ken and kerry came home we had a few drinks then started to watch Netflix and chill.

When it was 2:30pm I went to bed and I wasn’t even tied so I stayed up watching movies. Until 4:00pm and that was when I was tied so I fall to sleep watching the movie killer. The next morning I had other going out breakfast and I had so bacon and Eggs on toast. When we had our breakfast we went aunty Bev’s house to have drinks. When we finished our breakfast we headed to Alex and stayed in a motel for one night for my nana’s and Bev’s BD and stayed up until 2:20 because I had school in 2 days.  The next morning I woke up around 12:00 and went back to ken and kerry’s house and stayed there for dinner until 6:30 and went to the airport and got onto the plane at 7:00 and got home at 9:30.   

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