Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Going down to Nana and popa's

Going to Nana and Popa’s

Driving down to the Red Fox Tavern to met Popa and Logan( my cousin). We were meeting them halfway there and once they got there we put all of our stuff in there car and said goodbye to dad and banner and off we went to there house.

We got there on the Wednesday and we will get picked up on the Saturday my cousin Logan was already there and he had found some Popsicle sticks and found out how to make them into shape and if you throw them at people they explode.

Today we're going to the movies and we’re going to see Hunt for the Wilder People it look really funny and it is the New Zealand made movie.     

I love to go to my Nana and Popa’s house and spend time with them and my cousin. My sister and I always have fun going to the field and hitting the hockey ball and kicking the soccer ball around.    

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