Monday, 2 May 2016

My Holiday Recount

In the 2 week break I had lots of fun because I went to Manurewa Recreation Center for the whole of the first week.

On Monday I went to the Manurewa Recreation Center and went into bumper balls and bumped each other really, really hard.Then we played bowling so we stacked up the bumper balls and rolled and knocked them over.Then it was morning tea time and went outside and played at the park and sat under a tree.Then when we went back into the hall some older kids came in a bumped each to the ground until they got tired.Then we played multi sports it is when there is two mats as the try line and goals.The sports we play there are Hockey,Basketball,Fastball,Soccer and sometimes netball/back ball.
Bumper ball.jpg

On Wednesday I went to Monterrey Cinemas and watched Zootopia and Huntsman Winters War.Both of the movies were really good and had good plots but in the middle of Huntsman Winters War I had got a bit confused  
  because I forgot who the main characters were but other wise they were both great movies

On Friday I went to Massey park pools and went on the slide it was awesome because we could go on the slide as long as we won’t and as many turns as we wanted.We also could hire an inflatable doughnut and I would go on my doughnut when the waves were on and I would ride it like I was a professional Rodeo rider.

I had lots of fun with my friends there at the Rec because we had lots of jokes and laughs that we were rolling around the floor laughing.      

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