Thursday, 5 May 2016



Going to wellington is a big thing for me because it was my first time there. When i got there it was so  excited so so we got to sleep  in a hotel early in the morning when i woke up i so excited to see what we were going to do first so my mum said to get ready so we got ready and she said we are going to bumper ball when we got there it look very cool want we got out of the car we ran straight to the offices and then  when we got to go into the bounces thing we then when we had everything on  we got to play the thing to try bump people off.So after that we went and had lunch at mcdonalds sat there for a good 1 hour after that we went shopping at Kmart after that we went home and slept for long time so after i woke up and it was just time for dinner....

And then I had to go back to auckland I had to get ready for my rugby game down in hamilton so I got there and i rush to go and get ready so i got everything ready and so i went to the airport to wait for my coach to come in the big van to pick up the rugby boys when the van came all the rugby boys were ready to go so we got into the van and we went off when we got in the car the boys ask can we buy some food

and then the coach said yes so we went to new world and the boys went into new world so the boy brought a lot of food to eat when we are in the car so we went from there when we were halfway through some of the boys were going to sleep so then we got there and the coach woke us up the boy woke up. So then we got there and we got to sleep in my friend house that was down there it was a really big house so we got to my friend house and then the boy went straight to sleep And then the next morning we woke up and had to go
breakfast went to the rugby field and start training for our game so want it hit 1 o'clock we were getting ready so we went to the rugby fields that we were playing at and played a little warm up game so we got there and it was a very big fields also the fields we played at it was a school fields was could scot college i feel so happy that we won our game 30 to 27 also after our games we went and had Mcdonalds after that we went home and had a shower and        

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