Monday, 2 May 2016


The start of the holidays, chill, relax, GAME.
I play Minecraft, not just minecraft, I play on a particular server,, the economy server. You get given an island where you have to expand your resources, make your island bigger and get money. I haven’t been playing for long, you can vote for servers and get vote keys, they are worth $300 each. If you creeper grind for 10 mins you get 5k, that is the most efficient way to get money. My island is worth around 200k, the server has a total of 1 billion $. The person who has the most money has 5 million $. If you vote every day for a month you get a $25 gift voucher code for that server. $25 real life money is worth 350k.

I basically played that for the first week, but on Saturday I went to my grandparents, they live in Taupo. We went geocaching and found 3 caches at the botanical gardens. (If you don’t know what geocaching is, go to

I went home, the next day I got to watch Hunt For The Wilderpeople at the cinema.
The next I started to set up the kids lounge, It was finished in a day. Then we got my brother, Ben a birthday present, some sports shorts. Approaching the end of the holidays I tidied my room. The worst part was loosing the voting, I guess if you go to your grandparents who don’t have wifi you can’t do anything about that.

On Sunday I felt sad due to school tomorrow. I told my mum this and she told me “If you only had holidays, and no school you wouldn’t appreciate holidays as much. I felt different, holidays every day is better than school. You get used to it.

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