Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school

How to order a lunch order at Reremoana school

What is a lunch order? A lunch order system is what you can use when your parents forget to buy your lunch. You can get hot food and cold food.
The lunch order place is good for after fitness and other things if you are puffed out and if you are hot you can get a juice.
There is an amazing lunch order menu here are some examples of food you can have: pies,water,juice,nachos,donuts and many more things.

To do a lunch order you need to put money in an envelope and write 
Image result for envelopeyour name and class with your order on it. When you get to school you will find a yellow bin in your class. And put your envelope in the bright yellow bin in the classroom. After the roll your teacher will ask the lunch order monitor to take it to the lunch order room were they prepare your lunch                 Image result for pizza
Image result for bottled waterwater

Just before lunch the monitor will go and collect the bright yellow bin with all the  orders in it. Once it gets to your classroom your teacher will hand it out then when you have received your order, Open it to make sure you have what you ordered, If you don't have everything that you ordered you need to go back to the lunch order room and tell them you That There is something missing on my order. Image result for calci yum chocolate milkcalci yum choco milk

That is how you order a lunch order at reremoana school I hope my explanation was good and you will go ahead and buy a lunch order
                            Image result for piespies

Image result for juiciesjuicies

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