Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Fantastic holidays

Finally it's the holidays time to finally relax and do things as a family. I had the feeling this was going to be one of the holidays ever because it’s going to be my birthday in a week’s time.

To start off my holidays I went to Extreme Edge with Callum I found this day really fun. Extreme Edge is a place where you do rock climbing. I have been there a couple times already but there was something new about this place that was really cool, Extreme Edge has added in a pretty big side into the play area. At there Callum was doing the advanced walls with his mum while I went around and did almost every wall. On the way back we had sushi for lunch and it was very nice.

Today is a big day because it is my 13th birthday. To start off the day I went down stairs to find no one was awake so I just watched t.v till everyone started coming down. When everyone was down it was time for my presents we went up stairs and started opening them. I got a lot of money, a Warriors jumper, a t-shirt and some more books. For breakfast we stayed home because well I just wanted to stay home. For dinner still we stayed home and had pizza I had a chicken gluten free pizza because of allergies. Even though it is gluten free it still tasted the same. While we ate pizza we watched the blues that won.

Today was another big day because it is my party. When everyone arrived we hopped in the cars and went to jump. At jump we mainly played dodge ball and free run. In the foam pit I actually did my first flip there ever! When there was 5 minutes to go and there was no rules and outs. Ryan from my soccer team came over to our side as he was doing this Tristan threw the ball right at Ryan's head extremely hard, he ever fell over from this. Eventually Ryan was next to us so I decided that i’ll tackle him down. When he was down we started throwing dodge balls at him until it was over. When we got back home we were waiting for my mum’s car that had the pizza so we decided we would play spotlight inside. My Dad just left to get the chips and we started playing. I hid in the smallest spaces ever literally I couldn’t move. I hid under shelves in cupboards and always got found last I was in once because I started in. When the others came home we had food and cake. After we were finished eating we had the worst things ever bean boozled and the rules were when you say your done you're out. When they were allmost gone it was me, Alex and Callum were the only ones left so we just finished it there. To end the day off we played spotlight till everyone had to go.

These holidays were so fun especially the three big days that I talked about. I feel like I did so much things in the holidays when I stayed around home doing things as a family.

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