Thursday, 5 May 2016

🌲My holiday🌲

🌲My holiday in Ngaruawahia🌲

In the  holidays I went to Ngaruawahia which is located just  south of Hamilton. During my stay I went to the park, visited cousins had sleepovers and watched tv.
I arrived in Ngaruawahia on friday after school, it felt like forever driving to Ngaruawahia because the traffic was really bad. We had Mcdonald’s on the way down for dinner, I got a medium big mac combo. It’s my favourite Mcdonald's burger. After that we arrived and it was bassically time for bed.
On the 2nd and 3rd days of my sister and I being there we were on screens the whole day. I was playing a motorbike game where you controlled the motorbike going through different stunts and I completed all 22 levels, which is the whole game.
On our 4th day we went to see 5 of my cousins and of course their dog Jada which is an english staffy. We stayed up till midnight and my 2 year old cousin slept in the corner of the couch, he got too excited and had to go upstairs. In the morning Jarom (my 2 year old cousin) woke us up watching Paw patrol on the iphone. Later in the day we went to help set up Hiniau’s wedding (my Aunty’s friend) after we set up the hall  we went to a cafe to help make the food, the kids weren't allowed  to make the food so they made us two giant bowls of fresh hot chips and a burger. They were the best burgers and chips i’d ever tasted.
At 5.30 I was back at my Nana and Papa’s place, for dinner we had mini pizza’s and salad. Then we watched say yes to the dress and road cops before going to bed. In the morning my cousins came over to play with us so we went to the dairy and got some lollies. I got 5 dollars worth of lollies which got me 50 lollies in total and 20 of them were tnt lollies. After we went to the dairy we stopped at the park and played there for a good hour. My cousin Leah (11 years old) and I climbed a 70 metre tall pine tree right to the top, my other two cousins (Ammon 8 and Caleb 6) were too scared. We had a lot of fun till Jarom tried to do a runner on his bike, we
eventually caught him. The next day Mum came and got us to go home, it was a really quick drive home because the traffic was free flowing.

Overall in the time I spent in Ngaruawahia and Hamilton was great. I had heaps of fun, I got to see cousins again and do some tree climbing. I hope I can go down next holidays again.

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