Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Holiday


In the holidays my Mum and I went down to Rotorua. On the first day we went to Hamurana Springs, on the second day we went to Rainbow Springs and on the last day we did the Luge.

Image result for HamuranaWe had just gotten down to Rotorua and emptied our stuff out of the car and then my Mum and I decided to go down to look at Hamurana Springs, we were really looking forward to go and see how clear the water was and when we saw how clear it was we were in shock that it was so clear.

It was the second day that we had been in Rotorua and we decided to go to Rainbow Springs and to go back there at night to see the Kiwis. We had just gotten in and we instantly went for a look around and then when we got to the Big Splash we were surprised that there was no queue so we went straight on and then we thought that we should get a photo so we planned it and then brought the photo. We were going to go to the luge afterwards but then we decided to go and have lunch first but then we decided that it was too wet to go to the Luge so we thought that we will do it in the morning then it won’t be so busy.

We had just woken up and we were on our way to go to the Luge. We had arrived and gotten onto the Gondola and were on our way up to the Luge. When we bought the tickets we decided to do the luge ride 5 times and also do a Zipline that could go up to 80 kilometers. When we got to the end we saw that we had to do a drop were you just fell backwards for about 40 meters then the rope will automatically catch you and you will fall slower. When we did the Zipline we raced each other but I got a 20 second head start and then once the 20 seconds was over I looked back and saw my Mum and she just flow right past me.

Then we went and did the Luge on our first time we did the scenic route on our second, third and fourth we did the Intermediate and on the last one we did the Advanced and we went down really fast. The photo below is on the Intermediate track which took a lot of practice to get it right that's why we went on the Advanced 3 times.

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