Sunday, 8 May 2016

My holiday

My Holiday:

Sometimes it’s not like me to wake up feeling excited about something, but that’s going to happen on these holidays. One of the highlights of my school holidays was my friend Ashley.W coming over to my house for the day on Tuesday, in the second week of the holidays. When she was over, we went to the new movie out at the cinemas Zootopia.

When Ashley arrived at my house, we got to choose where we wanted to go that day. We chose to go to the movies to see the new movie - Zootopia. First we watched the trailers on-line so we had an idea of what the movie was about.

When we arrived at the movies at Manukau, we collected our tickets. Then Ashley and I raced each other into Timezone. We both playing the games in there. My favourite ride in there is the car racing. I like doing the car racing but the best fun is when I crash. Then it was time to go into the movie.

The movie started and we were excited to finally see the full movie. During the movie there were some really funny parts that made everyone in the theatre laugh.

My favourite part of the movie was when Police lady Judy Hops and Nick Wilde went to the motor vehicle registration place. They went in in the late morning wanting some really fast help with a number plate, but the place was run by Sloths - who are r-e-a-l-l-y r-e-a-l-l-y slow. By the time they were finished in there it was night time.

To sum it all up, my holidays were really fun. When Ashley came over to my house it was fun because now that she doesn’t go to school, and lives out past the bombay it cool when I get to catch up with her. Zootopia was a really cool and funny movie, and I would go and see it again.


  1. F.B I like how you put photos in your story so that we could see what Zootopia

  2. I appreciated your layout in this post, and the use of images!

  3. I appreciated your layout in this post, and the use of images!