Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Holiday

Brisbane Australia!

In my holiday, I went sightseeing, traveling, exploring and so much more! I tried different foods, I visited family and created unforgettable memories.

In the 2 week break, I went to Brisbane Australia. I went there to visit my dad and we stayed at his place for about 11 days. During the 11 days, I got to play with the 3 dogs my
dad owns. My White Huskies name is Odie, I have a brown dog named Lauri and my Scottish Terrier's name is Molly. Staying there gave me a lot of chances to explore what I never thought I could. I saw a lot of Kangaroos and Koalas while in the car, I was also surprised by how many bats I saw at night. Many of the native animals in Australia roam wild and free, there are also signs that keep everyone aware that this is the case. 

Once we got to the house, we made ourselves feel at home. We unpacked some of our belongings and we organised who was staying in which room. Since we just settled in, we
had to go shopping and buy a few things to make the house feel more like a home. We also got to visit a lot of family members during the week and a half. I caught up with some of my cousins and aunties. It was really interesting to learn about my relatives, I know more about them than before and that means a lot to me. It was also a bit awkward knowing that I am taller than some of my aunties, I had to look down at some of my elders and they had to look up at me when talking to me because they couldn't believe how much I have grown since they last saw me! My older relatives were also a bit surprised about my height. Most of them felt weird knowing that I’m not so little anymore. While I was in Brisbane, I went to an event that involved my 3 cousins. They performed a dance for all kinds of cultures including Samoan, Tongan and Cook Island.

While in Australia, I went on many shopping trips. There are stores with names that are very different to ours and there were also stores that they have but we don't have, some are really similar. I got to see what  they had to offer, there were stylish clothing, unique sunglasses, watches and so much more! Although some of the stores didn't have as many options as others, it was great to see what was available. I was able to buy a lot of new clothes, sunglasses and accessories. There are a lot of the same stores and outlets that have different names compared to ours. For example, the store that all we know as Countdown is called Woolworth's in Australia. I saw many brands that are very popular.

A few days later, I went to Dreamworld! I was really excited to see what is in store for me. From the entrance, you are able to see some of the rides. There are many unique themes to some of the places. One part of Dreamworld has a Kung Fu Panda and Shrek styled area. It is filled with many attractions that really stand out. There are also areas that make good places to take photos with, there were plenty of models you could take photos with and there were also quirky things like Instagram frames which make the perfect frame. There are so many rides that if I tried to count how many there are, I would probably lose track! Dreamworld is guaranteed to give you the thrill of a lifetime!! Right next to Dreamworld is a water park called Whitewater World. It has tons of water slides and many unique ways to get wet. Just like Dreamworld, you are able to see some of the water slides and rides from the entrance of Whitewater World. 2 or 3 days later, I went back a second time. I think that it was more fun than last time because I knew a little bit more about the area than before, so I definitely knew where things were a bit better. I also met a few interesting characters along the way. At Dreamworld there was a clown going around offering pictures and tricks to everybody. He was really friendly and had a great big smile.

I had a really great time in Australia because it was interesting to see what Brisbane has to offer. I got to go to places that I never thought of  going to! It was a great way to catch up with family and family friends because I have grown so much and so have they. I enjoyed the heat so much, people wearing jeans and jackets were basically rare! Everything was very exciting and I can not wait to go back!!

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