Thursday, 5 May 2016

My holiday


In the holidays, I had a fun holiday because I got to see my family and friends, with my family we did a bbq and my Dad prepared chicken,lamb and pork meat and also sausages it was really nice.We also had mussels and also shrimp on a kebab which was really yum.Then we all got inside and they started a little party, my cousins and I were outside on the couches chilling and enjoying the cold, fresh air and there was some left over food so we decided to eat it.
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On Monday the second week of the holidays, my family and I decided to look for houses near Epsom girls grammer and Alfriston college and while we were looking for house's in Alfriston I meet my friend Shristy we do cultural dancing together, my parents meet her parents, they went back to her house,me and her just stayed, played on the park and until it was time to go back.
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On the second week of the holidays, I decided to video chat my family back in Fiji and ask them how things are going, how's everyone and if they need more help.I got to talk to all of my cousins, aunties and uncles and they said they were all fine and that my grandma was also fine but she's a little sick but she's still getting better.

That is my holidays!!

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