Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My holiday

My holiday 
The past 2 weeks have been the holidays which means no sport, no school and no waking up early (but if i do wake up early I go back to sleep), so I have been doing what I enjoy, so here's a recount. 
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In the first weekend I went to the movies and saw the new jungle book movie with my uncle and aunty, but now cinemas are very sad places because i cant eat or drink anything there. After the movies we came back to my house and my mum and my aunty discussed recipes for me, because my aunty is a vegan.  
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In the second week all I did was stay in bed all day and shop. All I did in bed was eat apple pear and apple crumble (that was all I could eat), read, watch youtube and play on my ipad. Me and my mum went shopping for new food new clothes: pyjamas, shirts, pants, dresses, and my birthday present. 

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In the holidays I really relaxed and sorted out my health with out school and sports even though I read allot and did dance competitions.
But overall i had a very good brake off school and i'm ready for term 2!

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