Sunday, 8 May 2016

My Waiheke experience

My Waiheke Experience

I have been on holiday for the last two weeks and I have had so much fun and it all started when we went and relaxed on the beaches of Waiheke with our close friends who live there.

On the 16th of April my family and I decided to go and see our friends over in Waiheke. We set off to Auckland city so we could catch a ferry to Waiheke. We had to wait 30 minutes for a ferry to arrive and another 40 minutes to get to Waiheke. We were picked up from the dock by a friend of my Dad’s, his name is Jonathan Moon. On the way back to his place we stopped for a gelato and some coffee for the adults we also took a detour to have a look at the track for the Waiheke Half Marathon.

When we got to his house me and Finn went straight to join the other kids there. They were the children of Jonathan's older brother their names are Oscar and Fibi. For almost the whole day we were hanging out in the room with Oscar and Fibi playing on electronic devices. Finally around 1:00pm, my parents, Jonathan, his brother Tim, Fibi, my brother and I went down to the beach for about 2-3 hours. The water was so clear at the beach that I could see what was under me. When we arrived back we went straight back to our little hideout and continued playing until it was time to have dinner, which was a beautifully cooked barbeque. At around 9:00 Finn and I went to get our bedroom set up, we were going to sleep on the balcony in a tent. Before we went to sleep we played spotlight and we also lit lanterns and let them float off into the night sky. At first it was only going to be Finn and I, but Fibi had to sleep with us because Oscar had a friend sleep over and he took Fibi's bed. We got into bed and started watching a movie on the iPad until 11:00 when we finally went to sleep.

Early the next morning my dad woke me up to go for a early morning run and swim. We ran through tough inclines and down steep slopes, we also ran through the streets so we could have a look at what houses were for sale. After that we ran down through the bush towards the beach were we would be swimming. When we got to the beach I took my top and shoes off and went straight out for a swim and my dad stayed back to wait for Mr Moon to join us.  My Dad, Mr Moon and I stayed down at the water for about 1 hour and then we went back up to the house to have breakfast and play for a bit on our electronics. Soon after we took the paddleboard, surfboard and kayak down to the beach to have a go on them. I was okay with the surfboard and paddleboard and I was a pro when it came to surfing the waves in the kayak. There was a problem down at the beach, my brother and dad went missing on the kayak for about 45 minutes. They finally returned and we found out they went for a bit of a hike around on a nearby island. When they finally returned we swam for a bit more and then Dad, Mr Moon, his brother Tim, and their nephew Chris and I walked across the beach to a Mexican Pizza Truck to get lunch. It took longer than we expected because they didn’t have the pineapple ready to go, so we had to wait another 5-10 minutes until the pineapple arrived. We ended up waiting 25 minutes until the pizza was ready. When we finally got the pizza we started our long walk back along the beach to where the rest of our party was waiting for us. After we finished the pizza we went for one more swim and a little bit of a play in the rocks, then we went back up to the house to have the last bit of time with our friends before they dropped us off at the ferry.

It was a bit sad to be leaving such a calm and relaxing place and also leaving such a nice and welcoming community. But I’m happy because the trip helped me relax after a full on term and it helped me to get in the right frame of mind for the holidays and I can’t wait to go back.    

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