Thursday, 12 May 2016

Persuasive writing Why you should want a chromebook

“Mum! I need a devise for school” well you have asked the right question because im here to tell you why you should have a chromebook for school use.

Reson 1
A chromebook would be fun to have especialy when you get your own drive, email adresse, AND COMPUTER, I mean who would not want there own REAL computer not one of those cheap barbie ones IM NOT A BARBIE GIRL DANCING IN A COMPUTER, any way yea who would not want there own computer, I know it would feel good, so you wont have  to share a computer with your classmates, your family computer is one of the best ones you dont have to share with, my computer is really slow!, and you can have apps on your own chromebook!, as long as thier are no games, if your at reremoana school the cyber saftey agreement says NO GAMES UNLESS PERANT/GARDUIN/TEACHER SAYS. but I have no games on my computer. I dont know about anyone else but I would love to have a computer to my self!

Reson 2

A chromebook can help you with your typing for eg is good  it has a load of games you can even do a test, your teacher can set you tasks of what you can do and how you can practice it, Mathiletics Mathiletics is maths is good helping with your place value and level 1 helps you with your basic facts to 10, Prototec is also another awesome learning game for your basic facts once again :D, PROTOTEC.

Reson 3

Once your on google docs, you can collabarate with other kids in your class, you can share your document and other people can view the writing, reading, or maths, they can suggest stuff or they can help you edit your writing, reading or maths, you also have slides on your chrome book and drawings and other cool stuff you can check out when you have your chrome book!

And these are my three reasons why you should have chromebook at your school or at my own school Reremoana school!, I hope i have changed your mind of why you should have a chromebook instead of not having a computer to yourself, having your own email adress, and cool webisites, i hope you have changed your mind NOW GO BUY YOURSELF A CHROMEBOOK!

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