Thursday, 12 May 2016

Persuasive Writing

We should be allowed to use our chromebooks at school because if we don’t we would have to keep thinking about simple stuff like what if we spelt that wrong or what if we didn’t get the topic right.

Image result for chromebooks\Firstly we have to keep track of our learning and if we just have a book we have try and find the page that we were on but if we have a chromebook we can just go onto the slide or doc and find what you called it and search it up.

Secondly we have trouble with all the spelling mistakes in our books but if we have a chromebook we can just go on spell check and then it will automatically change it so that we don’t have to worry about spelling everything wrong.

Thirdly we there are more learning opportunities on our chromebooks but there is none on a pen and piece of paper so that means that if we have a chromebook we have more learning opportunities and it will help us to learn how to type properly with and Mathletics will help us with our Maths then theres also prototec which helps us learn everything and know how to do it fast and now with in 3 seconds.

Lastly Chromebooks can help us to learn more but in a fun way and it helps with our posture but if we are writing on a book we are looking down at the book, but if we have a chromebook you are looking at your screen and looking at what you are typing. Here are 3 reasons why we should have our chromebooks at school, it helps with our body posture, it makes us want to learn because it on a computer and last of all it helps us learn how to type properly.

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