Wednesday, 25 May 2016

recount writing

Waking up early just isn't my thing but on the first week tuesday I had to because my mum had an appointment at the specialist to get the stitches out of her knee.

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On the first week saturday my mum,dad,grandma,grandpa,sister and I went down to matamata.We went down on saturday morning and came back on sunday afternoon,when we got there we went to see my adopted grandma and adopted grandpa we spent about two and a half hours there and then we went to our friends that we have known for a really long time. After that we went to realy good friends house stayed there for dinner and then we decided that we will stay the night. The next morning we had breakfast and then went to the shops but unfortunately we didn't buy anything.Image result for sculptures in matamataImage result for matamata hobbiton


Image result for mirrou manukauIn the second week tuesday my sister,grandma and I went to manukau mall. As soon as we got there I said to my sister and grandma that we are going to my shop's first because by the time that you have finished looking at your shops mum and grandpa will be back and then it will be time to go home.So we went to my shop which was mirrou and then we went to bits and bobs then leche and I was hungery so we went to macdonalds.after we had somthing to eat we went to more shopes to look around but we could only look around for 10 minuits then my mum and grandpa came yo pick us up to go home.

On the second week friday me and my friend had a sleepover till sunday when we got there we played pool and then went to the park and then we went to friend's house for dinner. As soon as we got there we went outside and played with the two little babies which were two and 10 months old. Then after half an hour we had dinner and then ashley and I went back to there house and watched tv till her mum and dad got home when they got home we got ready for bed and then ashley played on her phone and I played on my ipod even though we were actually meant to be sleeping so every time one of them would come to cheek on us to see if we are sleeping then we would hide our ipod/phone and pretend to sleep and that night we ended up falling asleep at 12:00am.

I had a really relaxing holiday spending time with friends and family and sleeping in and staying up late

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